Bright Ideas for Your Empty Glass Jars.

If you were wondering what to do with all those empty glass jars, wonder no more.


help with anxiety

I am a very inspirational person. Things that inspire and motivate are part of my daily routine. I believe that self-care is very important and it cannot be stressed enough. Today, I’m sharing with you some things you can remind yourself about whenever you feel anxious about anything. During my teenage years, I jotted down […]

19 Reminders To Help With Anxiety


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What is your default reaction when someone throws insults at you? Are you the type that smiles and leaves, the type that insults back, the type that rounds it up with a few slaps or the type that quietly pays back? An insult is an offensive or disrespectful statement or expression. Insults come in different […]

How To Handle Insults From People.


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I love to watch the news but at the same time, I don’t like it that much. What I love to watch is the positive part, the inspiring content. I get hyped with positive vibes when I see great people doing great things all over the world. On the other hand, my entire day practically […]

How Gratitude Can Simplify Your Life


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owing money

This is something that bothers me seriously and I just have to talk about it. I can understand people owing for certain reasons; to invest, start a business or maybe an emergency. Sometimes, some things come up and you really have to borrow or buy on credit. These people give you out of trust and […]

How Owing People Money Can Take Away From You


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I used to travel with the exact number of clothes I needed for a trip, plus 100 extra pieces, just in case. Haha. It was always a waste of my time, effort, energy and space because I should have known that it was never really about packing heaven and earth but packing just what was […]

How to simplify packing smartly for your next trip


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This thing called motherhood is a blessing and every mother deserves to enjoy her motherhood journey.  While motherhood is different for everyone, there are things that most mothers share in common. It is kind of different but the same. For instance, there are certain things that make some mothers experience motherhood differently than some, like […]

Motherhood is the same, motherhood is different


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